In an Australian first, Bathers Beach House in Fremantle has officially launched their licensed beach dining. That's right – you can enjoy your favourite summer cocktails right on that soft, white sand.

Part of the fun of tropical beach holidays is being served your food and drink right on the beach, a little fun in the sun. And that is now a reality for the first time ever in Australia, thanks to forward-thinking folks in Freo. The cool Bathers Beach House (which already sits right on the water) now offers over 20 sun lounges on the sand, an extension of the beach dining venue itself and completely serviced with the full restaurant and drinks menus.

Bathers Beach House co-owner Anthony Unmack said the new liquor license is progressive and fresh. "Locals love Bathers Beach and this will become another must-do WA experience for tourists," he said. “It also enhances our ability to run events in that space because we now offer something that is not available anywhere else in Australia.”

We have a feeling these beds will be booked out fast, for the whole summer season. So, what are you waiting for? Check out bathersbeachhouse.com.au to make your reservation.