Flack Studio may be fresh on the Australian interior design scene (launched in November 2014), but designer David Flack's brave, bright and modern aesthetic has been percolating for years. 

And, ever since insisting he re-paint his cubby house at age five, David has always been sure of doing things the Flack way. "I turn into a kind of mystic at the very beginning! A sixth sense takes over; the house always tells me what needs to be done," he explains. It's an insight to both his approach and contagious personality; while his work is phenomenal, he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Photography by Brooke Holm

Photography by Brooke Holm

In a short amount of time, David has racked up an impressive and distinctive cache of projects. The most recent, Bendigo Residence, is a shining example of his bold, architecturally driven style. Although set on a sprawling, native block, this is far from being a typical country homestead. It's undeniably high-end; luxuriously appointed, flush with opulent materials and boasting clever, idiosyncratic decoration. However, this is indeed a comfortable family home, and the client still wanted functionality and that warm country feel...

Read the full story on Bendigo Residence by Flack Studio in the Rebel Issue of Box Magazine, available now. Words by Crystal Andrews, photography by Brooke Holm.